About us

Smultronets Kennel is located 20 km south of Söderköping, about 8 km from St Anna. We live in a big house in the country with the forest 5 m from the house.
We, I am Carola and my partner Marcus. The family also includes my two sons Christoffer 19 years who is living with us and his little brother Johannes 16 years. He is living with his father in Karlsborg.
The dogs who live her are:
Alicia - Our first sheltie that was bought for me to drive agility. Have trained a little bit and raced a littel but felt it was not thing.

Dissie - A clown! Have her child remain inside even though she is almost 6 years old. Loves to play and is a surrogate mother to the puppies when their own mothers has had enough! She will never get tired of the pups! Will never have her own puppies because she has crooked teeth.

Wilma - The most lazy dog in the house! She loves to stay in bed and sleep.

Amanda - A lady! Born in Alicias first litter with us. She is a happy bitch and loves all people and will always do her best!

Kiwi - Happy and playful. Loves to mature around with Viska in the forest.

Viska - Wilmas dauthter. A loving dog that loves to sit in knee. Love all!

Sarah - Our first tibbe girl. A wonderful lovely girl. We just loved her!

Esther - The second tibbe.. she is extremely stubborn and loves to be out in the garden. She will not come in just because someone is calling for her.. she comes when she wants!

Alina - Lovely tibbe.. young lovely girl...